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This site is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in a senseless tragedy or fighting to protect us.  Whether on enemy lines or patrolling our streets, running in a marathon or going to school - they will always be "FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS".

I'll be sharing my thoughts, feelings, and insights as I go through this journey, as I hope you will share yours. Please check back regularly for updates on my progress.


I'm accepting donations to make Memorial Crosses for those lost in tragedy.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Our Journal

May 29, 2013: Publishing of the Hearts and Crosses Website :)

The inspiration of this website is from the senseless tragedy of the Sandy Hook shootings.  My husband and I made two beautiful memorial plaques to donate to the city of Newtown, CT.  With the help of several local businesses we were able to design, build, deliver and present these plaques to the city of Newtown.

I found this to be very inspirational to me and want to continue to give to those who have lost loved ones.

I have since designed a beautiful memorial cross for family who lost one of their little Angels way too soon, to a horrible tragedy... and am also working on a memorial cross for a family that has lost their son.

Thank you for reading and giving us your time.

May 30, 2013: Feeling Strong

June 1, 2013:  Started a Facebook page... look for us at Hearts and Crosses :)

July 31, 2013:  Noah and I have been busier then we would have liked.  As I have stated before, this .Org was started because of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  I honestly didn't know where this path would lead us, but in this strange journey we have met wonderful people who have inspired us in so many ways.  We have both been saddened by what we see but at the same time we feel so much joy because there is truly so much LOVE out there.

We both knew that when the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives we had to make a beautiful Memorial Plaque for the community to appreciate.  We sat down, designed, put the wood together, cut, stained and still had more steps to do while we were on our way down to Prescott for the Memorial service.  We finished our project in our hotel room the morning of the Memorial service and we were able to drop the Memorial plaque off at Station #1 in Prescott before the end of the day. 
There it will await it's new home at the renovated Granite Mountain Fire Station #7.

Sadly and shortly after this tragedy, one our own, a Search and Rescue Officer from LVMPD lost his life in the line of duty by tragically falling to his death while he saved another man life.  I was on vacation and Noah called me and said, "YES BABE, WE ARE GOING TO DO A MEMORIAL PLAQUE".  That's our little inside joke to each other, because we both know that we want to make a plaque.  At that moment I did not know about one of our officers losing his life.  Noah told me he didn't know much either, but if I read Facebook throughout the day I should learn what had happened, and I did.  I got home from vacation Thursday night about midnight, unloaded my car and immediately sat down and started designing what I wanted to be the most beautiful Memorial plaque so far.... I believe it was!  We were able to deliver the Memorial plaque by Sunday around 4pm.  We worked mornings, noon and nights for two days.. The love and inspiration we received from everyone was AMAZING....  What a wonderful community and group of friends and family, coming together crying, laughing and celebrating Officer Dave VanBuskirk's life.

In between the months of December, 2012 to June, 2013, there was a 10yr old beautiful little girl that was brutally stabbed to death and a boy who two weeks before graduating high school, fell to his death at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.  We feel so sad for their families and can only give a little piece of us in the plaques that we make.  But maybe, just maybe it will make the families think of their loved ones and possibly have a good thought or memory and maybe even smile. 
And with that being said, Good night :)
July31, 2013:  Noah and I received our first donation... Thank you and you know who you are...

Aug 2, 2013:  Our hearts are heavy again...  We learned early this morning, through Facebook, that the young man (19yrs old) that lost his life, tragically, by an impaired driver on Aug. 1st, 2013, was an Explorer with the LVMPD.  Noah and I will be busy again this weekend.  May God help his friends and family get through this tough time - as he seemed liked he was a wonderful young man.

Aug 6, 2013..  Today is a special day for us.  One, it is our Grandson, Levi's 2nd Birthday.. Happy Birthday Levi.  2nd, today we are delivering the Memorial plaque to Angel Velasquez, very sad, but the plaque came out beautiful!  And 3rd, we received a message today that we could finally call the Grandpa of Jade to deliver their Memorial plaque.  Noah called Phil immediately and Phil asked us to come now.  We drove to his shop, we were very nervous, but excited to finally give them their plaque that they had made.  When we got their the Grandpa (Phil) and his wife absolutely loved the Memorial Cross we made.  Phil's wife told me a story that is very touching:  She said that all day they felt Jade's presence and when they were headed to the shop they knew that she was with them because the radio station changed channels just before they turned into the parking lot.  Well shortly after that Noah's phone call came in telling them that we had something for them.  They felt that Jade was trying to tell them something by changing the station and that is why they were so excited to meet us and receive their Cross.  I, of course starting crying... very touching, but just knowing that people are touched by our work is such a great satisfaction.  Right after this, we were able to deliver the Beautiful Memorial plaque for Angel.... they were also very touched and appreciative.  An Officer from LVMPD was going to actually bring it to the services today, as both Noah and I had to work tomorrow.  Good Night and God Bless.

Aug 7, 2013..  Noah was able to attend the Sheriff formally giving the VanBuskirk's Memorial plaque to the LVMPD's SAR unit.. I can't wait to see pictures and to see where they finally hang the plaque.  For everything being sad, there is so much positive that comes out from giving.  I feel truly blessed. 

September 5, 2013..  Today is a beautiful day.  I am so thankful for everything that I have, my family, my life and everyone and everything that touches me every day.
Noah and I just finished two more beautiful Memorial plaques for the California Highway Patrol and for the family of Officer Jesus Magdaleno and Felix Cruz.  Our hearts are very sad for this family who lost two wonderful men in their lives. 
Noah and a couple of Officers will be going to deliver the plaque in a week or so.  Very excited for them to possibly bring some happiness to the family.

November 14, 2013..  It has been a while since we have written in our journal - that is a good thing. 
I just want to say Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far - We truly enjoy what we do and are able to give to others.

Noah and Deborah and Charles Huff took a 6 hour road trip today to deliver the California Highway Patrol Memorial Plaques to Visalia, CA.  This is the city where Officer Jesus Magdelano was from and worked for CHP.  Jesus and his soon to be Brother-in-Law, Felix came to Las Vegas for Jesus's Bachelor Party.  Sadly to say this is where they both lost their lives so senselessly and tragically when they tried to stop a thief from stealing their truck.  Since we all work in Law Enforcement this touches so close to home and the fact that this happened in our city is heart wrenching, we felt this is the least we could do for Jesus's family both at home and at CHP.

We were so glad to finally be able to deliver these beautiful Memorial Plaques to their home - where they belong.
We are sure the wonderful people we met today will be our friends for life. 

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